Our Approach




The great thing about knitwear is that full-fashion sweaters are knit to exactly to size, so they naturally waste very little material. Any leftover yarn is donated to Parsons, Elizabeth’s alma mater, so the materials can bring inspiration to other designers. Leftover swatches are stitched and embroidered to transform into unique textured quilts with their own stories. Starting in 2019, we will also start sending unused swatches to Fab Scrap, a non-profit that recycles waste in the textile industry.



We obsess over every detail in our sweaters. Each material is chosen thoughtfully, and with intention. We prioritize natural, organic, and ethical fibers of the very highest quality. Our soft, low-pilling cotton is cold-water dyed, using only 1/3 the amount of water in a standard dying process. Our cozy merino wool is chlorine-free and non-mulesed. Our strong, soft alpaca fiber is produced in Peru mills that ensure the individuals employed are treated kindly. At Good Omen NYC, Elizabeth sources our beautiful vintage buttons from markets and estate sales at all corners of the earth. This is a great way to make every garment special, while giving trims a second life.



We have great relationships with our factories in California and Peru. In California, we work with Avatar Knit. Their range of traditional and seamless/wholegarment machines are able to easily translate Elizabeth’s intricate designs. In Peru, we work with Innovative Knitwear, a network of small workshops and factories, all of whom are paid and treated fairly. They are incredibly talented and we are honored to partner with them.